Mazzella Construction, LLC

Located in Bozeman serving Livingston, Chestnut and Springhill Park areas

(406) 600-7464

Mazzella Construction, LLC is a supplier and installer of steel building packages. Steel Buildings are ideal for large covered space with significant interior free spans, making them ideal for warehouses, garages, shops, agricultural, and industrial applications. With warrantied and durable 26 gauge steel siding and roofing cladding the steel structure, and with limitless options of colors, features, and floor plans/layout, these buildings are extremely durable and cost effective compared to other building methods with the same interior square footage and clear spans.

We are unique in this market as we are able to provide our own excavation and site work, concrete foundations and slabs with radiant heat options, and the steel erection and siding/roofing process. Steel buildings can be insulated or un-insulated, and finished inside and out to meet a customer’s needs.