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Structural Insulated Panels in Springhill Park

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are a high performance, panelized wall, floor, and roof building system that utilize a core of solid foam insulation (available in various R-values) bonded between two structural OSB “skins” on each side. As with ICF wall systems, the rigid foam in SIP walls perform much higher than typical “batt” insulation when it comes to constructing a tight and energy efficient home, as well as reducing sound transmission through walls, and virtually eliminating drafts and energy loss.

SIP’s have a significant advantage over traditional wood framed exterior walls because there are significantly less wood studs in the wall. In traditional framing, each stud (usually every 16”), transfers heat energy from warm to cold, a disadvantage in both winter (for heating) and summer months (for cooling). SIPs also help conserve forest resources, because they produce little to no waste on the jobsite, and much of the wood used on each panel skin is recycled.

SIP layout and structure is designed and engineered specifically for each application, with no limit of design possibilities, and then preassembled off site in a controlled environment, then permanently placed in position by Mazzella Construction, LLC at the job site. This ensures accuracy and quality control, reduces waste, and can often result in time and labor savings on the project.