Mazzella Construction, LLC

Located in Bozeman serving Livingston, Chestnut and Springhill Park areas

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Footings and Foundations

We have successfully completed thousands of linear feet of residential and commercial foundations over the years. Our concrete projects have ranged from basic 16”x8” footings with 4’ to 12’ concrete foundation/basement walls, to massive 60”x14” footings with complex rebar schedules, and up to 22’ above grade concrete walls from 6” to 12” thick.

We work closely together with Geotechnical and Structural Engineers to design foundations specific to each project that are as cost effective as possible, that will ultimately stand the test of time. Of course, we can build to the specifications of previously designed plans and engineering as well as design-build from scratch. From excavation and surveying, to forming and pouring, Mazzella Construction LLC is ready to take on any foundation that comes our way.