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Our Services

Residential & Commercial Remodeling

Here at Mazzella Construction, LLC, our experts provide high-quality residential and commercial remodeling services in Chestnut. We have earned our reputation as industry leaders by bringing flawless solutions to challenging remodeling projects. Our team of specialists is... Read More

Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in your house. It should be a place of comfort, function and relaxation, so why not design a complete remodel? When you are looking for a general contractor in the Chestnut area, look no further than Mazzella Construction, LLC. Whether you decide... Read More

Kitchen Remodeling

Mazzella Construction, LLC provides full-service, premier kitchen remodeling in Chestnut. Our years of extensive industry experience and specialized products enable us to offer the best quality commercial and residential remodeling. We are your... Read More

Residential & Commercial Construction

Mazzella Construction, LLC specializes in residential and commercial construction in Chestnut. Our years of industry experience and specialized products enable us to provide our customers with a quality product, within budget and on time. We work... Read More

Home Addition

Adding a home addition to your property is the best way to increase your current living space and add value to your home. When you purchased your home, you might not have had the need for increased space for living, storage or entertaining. Here at Mazzella Construction, LLC... Read More


At Mazzella Construction, LLC, we specialize in expert general contracting services and installing rain gutters for commercial and residential properties in Chestnut. Most people think of a general contractor for home building, construction and renovations, but we provide outstanding guttering systems. In Chestnut... Read More


Your home is exposed to a variety of different elements, so why not invest in quality siding to protect your home and decrease your energy bills? Mazzella Construction, LLC is a premier general contractor that specializes in providing siding in the greater Chestnut area. We offer various... Read More

Site Access and Preparation/Excavation

In addition to traditional site preparation and excavation, Mazzella Construction, LLC has built a reputation of successfully taking on challenging logistics that others shy away from. This can include the building of roads where none exist, repairing and stabilizing access to job sites, moving equipment and building materials well into the mountains or remote locations, and the installation of underground bunkers and shelters for a variety of applications and needs. Read More

Footings and Foundations

We have successfully completed thousands of linear feet of residential and commercial foundations over the years. Our concrete projects have ranged from basic 16”x8” footings with 4’ to 12’ concrete foundation/basement walls, to massive 60”x14” footings with complex rebar schedules, and up to 22’ above grade concrete walls from 6” to 12” thick. Read More

Structural Steel and Concrete Construction

Concrete homes are our specialty, and we install structural concrete walls, beams, reinforced slabs, pan decking, and tilt-up panels on custom homes and commercial projects. If your project requires unique or challenging concrete work, you have come to the right place! Read More

Earth Sheltered and "100 Year" Homes

Earth sheltered homes are structures that are built in such a way that some of the walls are built into a hill or berm, often on three sides or more. A concrete earth-buried or sod roof is a great application for earth-sheltered homes, and there are more traditional roofing options as well, such as steel joists or wood trusses. Read More

Custom Homes

We are experienced in working with Owners, Architects, Engineers and other contractors on an extensive variety of projects. We can provide all or some of the design, engineering, modeling, and drafting services as needed. We can also refer customers to professional partners such as banks and realtors. Our goal is to provide the Owner with all the features and ideas they want to incorporate into the project while maximizing the budget. Read More

Radiant Floor Heating

Hydronic radiant floor heating is an extremely comfortable and efficient way to heat or cool a structure from the floor up. While this technology has been around for decades, radiant heating is becoming much more cost effective “up front”, with proven lower annual energy consumption costs over forced air systems, when designed and installed properly. Read More

Steel Buildings

We are unique in this market as we are able to provide our own excavation and site work, concrete foundations and slabs with radiant heat options, and the steel erection and siding/roofing process. Steel buildings can be insulated or un-insulated, and finished inside and out to meet a customer’s needs. Read More