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Earth Sheltered and “100 Year” Homes

Earth sheltered homes are structures that are built in such a way that some of the walls are built into a hill or berm, often on three sides or more. A concrete earth-buried or sod roof is a great application for earth-sheltered homes, and there are more traditional roofing options as well, such as steel joists or wood trusses. A site with an existing hill or slope can be the ideal basis for building an earth-shelter home, or we can design and build our own hillside and elevation contours that blend into the landscape seamlessly.

Utilizing the earth’s mass around a structure is an ancient method of building that helps maintain a constant temperature with minimal heating and cooling costs and provides a well-sheltered structure from the elements and acts of God. In addition, they provide unmatched sound protection, ultimate security and usually require little to no maintenance over time.