Mazzella Construction, LLC

Located in Bozeman serving Livingston, Chestnut and Springhill Park areas

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Custom Homes

We are experienced in working with Owners, Architects, Engineers and other contractors on an extensive variety of projects. We can provide all or some of the design, engineering, modeling, and drafting services as needed. We can also refer customers to professional partners such as banks and realtors. Our goal is to provide the Owner with all the features and ideas they want to incorporate into the project while maximizing the budget.

It is to the Owner’s advantage to involve us in the project as early on as possible. Our methods and experience in building custom homes and unique projects add value to the finished structure, and a well constructed and quality home is guaranteed when relying on Mazzella Construction as the General Contractor. Whether it is a traditional wood, SIP, or ICF/concrete home, we will deliver the home of your dreams on schedule and budget.